Sydney Dark Roast
Sydney Dark Roast
Sydney Dark Roast
Sydney Dark Roast


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Origin: Brazil | India | Nicaragua | Colombia
Intensity: 11/13
Tasting Notes: Full bodied, powerful and creamy.

best with milk

Total Pods = 10

About Pod Life Coffee

Coffee That Doesn't Cost The Earth

Cafe Quality Air Roasted Coffee

We use air to roast our coffee, which roasts our beans uniformly. This gives our coffee a clean taste and without the bitterness you get from other conventional roasting methods.

Biodegradable & Home Compostable

Our pods are made from plant based materials, they are Aluminium, GMO and BPA free. The entire pod can break down in a matter of months.

Roasted in Adelaide, South Australia

Our coffee is ethically sourced and expertly roasted in Adelaide South Australia a city which lives and breathes coffee.

Nespresso® Original Compatible

We created our coffee pods to be 100% compatible with all of Nespresso’s Original coffee pod machines, we guarantee it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
amie eastall


Perfect for Iced Latte!!

The perfect blend for an Iced Latte!! The little bit of extra bitterness breaks through the milk to help create the perfect Iced latte everytime!

Silky smooth

I use these for short blacks & they are hands down the best pods for this!!

Marie Hunter

Great taste, not too strong

Jai Leong
Sydney for the Lactophiliacs (Milky Maniacs')

Look I'm not much of a coffee with milk guy as I really think a great coffee can only be judged by tasting it black, but this has all the elements to make it a superior milky moment. It's strong, it's bitter ... exactly what you need to add an alkaline to and get the best pH balance to your taste buds. If you're not at the stage of 'once you go black you can't go back', then this is the pod for you ... Drink it in!

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