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Go Green With Our Home Compostable Coffee Pods

Enjoy Delicious Coffee while Minimising Your Environmental Footprint!

"Coffee That Doesn't Cost The Earth"

Cafe Quality Air Roasted Coffee

We use air to roast our coffee, which roasts our beans uniformly. This gives our coffee a clean taste and without the bitterness you get from other conventional roasting methods.

Biodegradable & Home Compostable

Our pods are made from plant based materials, they are Aluminium, GMO and BPA free. The entire pod can break down in a matter of months.

Roasted in Adelaide, South Australia

Our coffee is ethically sourced and expertly roasted in Adelaide South Australia a city which lives and breathes coffee.

Nespresso® Original Compatible

We created our coffee pods to be 100% compatible with all of Nespresso’s Original coffee pod machines, we guarantee it.

Biodegradable & Compostable

Pod Life Coffee

Biodegradable & Compostable

All Pod Life Coffee Pods are made from plant based materials which are fully biodegradable and compostable! ⁠ Our coffee pods are Aluminium free, GMO free and BPA free!⁠

Our pods are the first Nespresso Compatible pods on the market to be awarded the AS 4736-2006 certification which ensures all the constituents and components of the finish capsule (capsule + coffee + lids + adhesive) are certified compostable to Australian standards.⁠

Cafe Quality

Air Roasted Coffee

When air roasting, the coffee beans float on a bed of hot air inside of the roasting chamber, keeping the beans at a consistent temperature throughout the roasting process.

This means our beans are roasted “to temperature” allowing us to exactly duplicate all our batches of coffee, recreating the same colour, flavour profiles, and aroma of the coffee beans.

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Pod Life Packs

With our Pod Life Coffee Packs you can stock up and save. Each pack contains 60 Nespresso compatible coffee pods.

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