5 Reasons Why Choosing Pod Coffee is a Great Idea for Coffee Lovers

Choosing Pod Coffee

The first coffee pods hit the markets decades ago and were welcomed by many consumers as an easy, quick and reliable way to brew coffee. Inexperienced consumers were especially happy that they could have a good cup of coffee with simply pressing a button.

Today tens of millions of houses have a coffee pod machine. Different brands and formats of pods fight for predominance, with the Nespresso original line being the worldwide leader.

But why do so many families choose pod coffee? It’s not just because it’s so easy. Let’s see the main reasons. 


As said, taking a pod, putting into the machine, pressing a button and having a perfectly brewed cup of coffee is as easy as it gets. No other method is simpler and error-free. Pod coffee machines are reliable, safe and cheap, costing under $100 for the most basic models.

If you just need your cup of coffee in the morning and don’t want to mess with cleaning or measuring the ground coffee and getting the right temperature of water, pod coffee should be your choice.

Coffee is Always Fresh

Freshness plays an important role in the taste of coffee. Once coffee is stale, it tastes like water, basically. Coffee pods are sealed in such a way that the coffee can preserve its flavours for months, without any decaying. The pod is opened only at the moment of brewing, with no need to close the package again as with ground coffee bought at supermarkets.

This guarantees the freshest coffee possible, without any effort on your part.

Variety of Options

Choosing pod coffee means having access to a large variety of blends and brands. Many companies offer their coffee in pods nowadays, with multiple types of it to choose from.

Long gone are the days when coffee sold for pods was of average quality. Nowadays specialty, the highest rated coffee in the world, are also available as pods.

There will never be a lack of coffee, if that’s what you fear.


It may sound weird to claim that pod coffee is environment-friendly. You surely have read about the amount of waste they generate and how little of it is recyclable.

That is mostly a thing of the past though. Compostable pods that are plant-based and dissolving naturally within a few months are common today. These pods leave no waste whatsoever: the coffee is biodegradable as the pod itself, and if there’s eventually some aluminium, it can be 100% recycled. Choosing pod coffee doesn’t mean anymore compromising with your environmental impact. You can drink great coffee with ease and with the comfort of knowing you are no more impactful than with any other brewing method (probably even less). 


If you ever messed with a pour over or a French press or a Moka pot, you know how hard it is to perfectly reproduce a good cup of coffee. One mistake, and the resulting coffee will be subpar, if not downright bad. With pod coffee this is not a problem. You can exactly reproduce your perfect cup of coffee, each time, with the certainty that it will be exactly the same as the previous brew.

Coffee pod machines can be programmed to brew how much coffee you want, and they will always do it, regularly. There’s no room for human mistakes.

Why Choosing Pod Coffee is a Great Idea for Coffee Lovers

Easy, quick, clean, fresh and environment-friendly. These and more are the reasons millions of coffee lovers have switched to pod coffee. You can be the next one!