All About Coffee Pods: Why They're Better Than Coffee Capsules

coffee pods on green background

Coffee has played an important role in fuelling the world. The much-needed dose of caffeine, coupled with the rich flavours and deep tones of coffee beans, has turned it into one of the most beloved beverages of all time. The universal adoration for coffee has led to the invention of quick and easy ways to consume the drink, such as single-serving or pre-dosed coffee.

Single-serving coffee has only grown exponentially in popularity, encapsulating all the qualities coffee lovers look for: taste, reliability, and affordability. It has also led to two main types of single-serving coffee in the market: coffee pods and coffee capsules.

Coffee Pods vs. Coffee Capsules

These two systems of single-serve coffee have many similarities. They’re both easy to use, as drinkers only have to put the pod or capsule into the coffee machine and have a steaming cup of espresso in a few minutes. It’s easy to prepare and doesn’t leave a mess to clean while offering a standard dosage formulated to provide the ideal balance needed for coffee. Additionally, single-serve coffee machines do not need excessive cleaning.

Most coffee pods come in a single, pre-packaged dose of around 7 grams of ground coffee. It is pressed and vacuum-packed between two layers of filter paper. They’re divided into two categories: compact mods, used to make espresso coffee, and soft pods or pads, which originate in European filter or drip coffee tradition.

On the other hand, coffee capsules are small aluminium or plastic containers containing ready-to-make coffee. They’re very similar to coffee pods, with a foil top, but they are held in capsules that you must throw once you’ve used them.

Which One Is Better?

Many coffee enthusiasts prefer coffee pods for several reasons. For instance, the percolation of pods is easier and simpler. Water has to cross only a thin piece of paper, like a teabag, instead of hard and resistant materials like plastic or aluminium. That makes for a creamier coffee with a more even taste.

Why Coffee Pods Are More Preferred

Coffee pods are also much more sustainable since the pods are made of completely biodegradable materials that can be recycled safely or disposed of, offering coffee lovers free composting material. You cannot recycle coffee capsules due to the materials they use, essentially becoming landfill food.

Additionally, coffee pods are better for your health, as the hot water you’ll use to making a steaming cup soaks through a 100 per cent natural vegetable paper filter, which doesn’t produce any residue. However, this doesn’t apply to capsules, as the hot water must run into aluminium or plastic, which means they carry residues of these materials into your coffee. Plastic capsules contain high levels of furan, which is hazardous to your health.

Coffee pods are more affordable since they don't use plastic or metal, which means they’re cheaper to manufacture. That translates to lower prices while offering a higher quality of coffee. Lastly, coffee pods use the Easy Serving Espresso or E.S.E system, allowing coffee drinkers to prepare a delicious drink quickly. These pods are widespread since they have the same size and are compatible with numerous coffee machines on the market.


Coffee pods offer a world of flavour and convenience to coffee lovers, making them an easy choice over coffee capsules. They’re more environmentally friendly, compatible with various machines, and provide you with a guilt-free tasty drink.

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