What You Need to Know for a Perfect Nespresso Pod Coffee

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There's more than one way to make Nespresso pod coffee, but you probably know that already. Many people are fond of trying various ways of making it, testing out various methods. In this blog, we'll look at some of the best uses of coffee pods for Nespresso machines in Australia.

Short Shots Are Best

Let's just lay it out right now: the long shot or lungo shot should not be used under any circumstances. A lot of people that don't want to use two pods but don't find that a single one is strong enough tend to do that. It's really not a good choice to make. 

Long shots for a pod mean there's more water than the machine needs. It will lead to a pressure buildup that shouldn't be there in the first place. So by the extraction's end, all that's coming out is bitter, dirty water; who wants coffee like that?

Several Nespresso pods out there are generally designed so that a short shot gets all the aroma and flavour out right then and there. It's all thanks to how the pods are well-packed with coffee grinds. Coffee made by baristas traditionally comes in small (1 shot), medium (2 shots), or large (3 shots). The grounds put in a basket prior to coffee extractions depend on the shots needed. In fact, a third shot usually requires the basket being emptied out for another one to get prepared.

Got Milk?

Getting good milk is somewhat tough since options are generally limited to the machine frother or something that spins milk on the countertop. Perfect milk is tough without a steam wand, and who really has that lying around their kitchens casually?

Try to get your hands on the Aeroccino frother, since the built-in frothers make milk much too frothy. The Aeroccino frother also has the edge of being much easier to clean; no need to scour after each use for burnt milk build-up to be avoided.

The Cup Matters

As any coffee aficionado will tell you, the cup coffee is made in (or poured into!) makes all the difference. Some people will need a small cup; others need a double mug situation for double shots. 

Let's use a 250mL double-wall glass for this blog, which is perfect for a single pod. If you're into milk with your coffee, using that cup won't allow it to overpower the coffee. If you're into strong flavours, use two pods for a larger mug (400ml and the like).

Sometimes, machines can seem to malfunction. Particularly short or long shots, as well as oddities in your coffee's taste, may require a reset to factory settings. Ideally, that should be done every month or so. Additionally, the machine should be descaled and cleaned regularly.

Have the Perfect Nespresso Pod Coffee!

Coffee is universally loved across the globe for many reasons. Nespresso pods are a great way to enjoy it conveniently from the comfort of home. Don't use a long shot, pay attention to your milk frother and choose a cup according to your desired strength.

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