Top Tips for Taking Care of Your Nespresso Machine

nespresso machine setup

You may already have the Nespresso Machine at home or in the office—a right choice that has changed many lives. However, you might worry about the amount of waste you produce with such machines. Luckily, there are Nespresso Machine Pods that are fully biodegradable and environmentally sound—and they taste great too.

To ensure a lifetime’s worth of coffee brewing excellence, check out our easy guidelines below for proper use and maintenance.

1. Pre-heat and Prep Your Nespresso before Using It

To preheat your coffee machine, brew the water inside without any Nespresso machine pods in the brewing chamber. Use the Lungo setting with the lid closed.

Preheating the machine optimises it and provides the best possible brew, free from any leftover residue. The contact points for the pod would also be properly heated for brewing.

2. Adjust the Nespresso Machine to the Best Settings

Nespresso machines come pre-programmed out of the box with three brewing settings: Ristretto at 25ml, Espresso at 40ml, or Lungo at 110ml. However, you can change the exact amount by re-programming the machine to your preferred settings. It gives Nespresso machine pods your own mix and taste.

You can adjust it by first placing a coffee pod inside the machine and your container under the spout. Press on one of the buttons to pour the brew and release the button when you have the desired amount on your container.

From here on, it will remember your setting and produce the same amount. You can try out different combinations to get your personal mix.

3. Clean Your Coffee Machine

Your machine needs regular cleaning, especially the brewing chamber and nozzle. Repeated use can clog the flow due to leftover deposits. The coffee oil and particle build-up can affect the quality of the coffee output and taste over time.

Keep it clean and build up-free by removing used coffee pods after every use. Make sure to use a cleaning pod every two months of use to thoroughly clean the brewing chamber for clear and proper coffee flow.

4. Use Properly Filtered Water

The water quality should also match the quality of the brand. We recommend using filtered water to avoid limescale build-up in your Nespresso Machine. Limescale build-up happens when you use unfiltered hard water. You can use filtered water from devices such as a Brita Jug Filter or any water filter product.

5. Perform Regular Descaling

Descaling is the thorough cleanup of the pipe and pump of your Nespresso Machine. It maintains clear, clear-flowing coffee every time. Such machines need this for the best taste and coffee quality.

Using both hard and soft water will affect the service of your machine over time; hard water is unfiltered, untreated water and will cause lime, calcium, and magnesium deposits in the pipe and pump areas. Soft water is more acidic and corrosive, giving a bad taste and ruining the experience. 

Final Thoughts

Part of the coffee-brewing experience is making sure our tools for making coffee are up to par. They have to be well-maintained and clean at all times. This can ensure every cup tastes amazing and lengthen the lifespan of your machine.

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