Everything You Should Know About Air Roasted Coffee

Air Roasted Coffee

Do you love the smell of roasting coffee? Coffee beans deliver a beautiful aroma that excites the senses and makes you feel ready for whatever the day has to offer. Regardless of how you would like your coffee sealed, be it in coffee pods or coffee capsules, you would surely be excited to discover more about your favourite beverage.

For instance, there are different ways to roast coffee beans. Aside from the traditional method, there’s also a process called air roasting. Many prefer this way as it results in less bitter and cleaner tasting beans than other roasting styles.

Interesting, right? If you would love to know more about what air roasting is and how it's processed, keep on reading!

What Is Air Roasted Coffee?

Air roasting is a means of roasting and processing coffee beans that started in the 1970s. Traditionally, coffee beans are processed in a hot steel drum or barrel. In contrast, air roasting requires a bed of hot air to roast the beans.

The air roasting method is advantageous because it is a faster means of processing coffee beans, and it is cleaner. In addition, because the beans get roasted to temperature, it becomes easier to duplicate the same taste with every batch.

The History of Air Roasted Coffee

Various chemical engineers contributed to the development of air roasted coffee. The most well-known of them is Mike Sivetz, a coffee consultant who invented the fluidized air roasting bed in 1970. In 1976, Sivetz gained a patent for his invention. Sivetz was not satisfied with the available roasting methods in the market, so he started experimenting with air roasting coffee in his garage. 

For a short period in the 1970s, air roasting became moderately popular. After that, however, air roasting has become a niche process that even many coffee drinkers have never heard of.

The Air Roasting Process

Compared with the traditional method of roasting beans, air roasting is simpler and healthier. In drum roasting, plumes of smoke get released from the roasting chamber, but you won't see this for air roasting. These beans are sealed in biodegradable coffee pods for a much healthier process.

In the air roasting process, the still-green coffee beans are placed in a chamber that heats up. Through this process, the beans are evenly heated. As the hot air roasts the beans, the chaff is blown away, leaving behind a burnt flavour. 

Once the desired roast level is reached, the beans are placed in a cooling tank to rest. After a few minutes, they are now ready for packaging. 

The Benefits of Air Roasted Coffee

How does air roasted coffee compare to traditionally roasted beans? It all boils down to personal preference.

However, the most significant selling point of air roasted coffee is its unique flavour. At first, you will be blown away by the cleaner taste. Additionally, there is less acidity and bitterness compared to traditionally roasted coffee beans. If your stomach usually can’t handle the strength of coffee, air-roasted beans are worth a try!

Final Thoughts 

If you plan on trying air roasted coffee, you won’t regret it! You'll surely enjoy drinking your cup of coffee as it has a smoother and less bitter taste. This method produces a unique flavour that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Air roasted coffee is not very common, so you might not find it readily available in different shops. For the best Australian coffee pods made from cafe-quality air roasted beans, check out Pod Life Coffee products today!