How to Responsibly Dispose of Biodegradable Coffee Pods

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The recent catastrophic wildfires, especially the one in Siberia, highlighted the terrifying effects of climate change. We must make our own contribution for the sake of the planet. By choosing biodegradable coffee pods, this choice already shows how much you care about Mother Nature. But the question is how you dispose of the coffee pods.

Garbage disposal is essential to the survival of the planet. Knowing how to properly dispose of biodegradable coffee pods is one step in the right direction. Implementing this knowledge will ensure that future generations will still have a good place to live in. Here are the various ways:


This method is the most convenient, but it is not the most environmentally friendly. All you do is throw the biodegradable coffee pods once you are done. After which, your trash goes to the nearest landfill area.

The problem with this approach is that you do not have control over the decomposition process. Take note that decomposition is heavily influenced by the environment.

Let us say that the coffee pods are exposed to natural elements. In this situation, it will quickly disintegrate. But if it lands in a space that lacks oxygen, this will delay the decomposition. Again, we point out that it is the most convenient, but it is the least environmentally friendly.

Biogas Company

Biogas companies have the capability of converting biodegradable products to generate electricity. The process involves the production of methane gas from the disintegrated waste. After which, the company transforms the methane gas into electricity.

You might not be personally involved in the conversion process, but you need to do a little research on where the nearest biogas company is. Hopefully, there is a nearby facility because all you need to do is gather your used pods and hand them to them. This option is more environmentally friendly.


Recycling your biodegradable coffee pods is another environmentally friendly option. But you might be asking how to recycle them. Here are the two most common methods:

  1. Recycling Plant - There are several recycling plants in Canada. Sometimes, the manufacturer offers to do the process themselves. You may have to research if the latter option is available.

Whether the latter option is available or not, this method is also quite convenient. All you need to do is to drive to the nearest recycling plant and hand the used coffee pods.

  1. Personal Recycling - In this method, you may have to do the dirty work yourself, but it might be satisfying knowing that you are doing a good deed.

It is not a complex process. The most challenging bit is how to remove the foil and the coffee content. Once done, you can re-use the pods.

Final Thoughts

Proper waste disposal is essential in the survival of our planet. Although you have made the big environmentally friendly step of choosing biodegradable coffee pods, you still have to deal with how to dispose of them. This action is as significant as your decision to buy this type of coffee pod.

If you have run out of biodegradable coffee pods, you do not have to look far. At Pod Life Coffee, we satisfy your need for caffeine while ensuring that you make the carbon-neutral steps to dispose of the by-products. Visit us soon for your next cup!